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Division A


Judge Judi F. Abrusley

Post Office Box 496

Oberlin, LA  70655

Telephone: (337) 639-2266

Fax: (337) 639-4310



Joette Landry - Secretary

  Micka Acevedo - Court Reporter

Alison Arabie - Bailiff

Division B


Judge E. David Deshotels

Post Office Drawer A

Oberlin, LA 70655

Telephone: (337) 639-2256

Fax: (337) 639-2257



Kellie Manuel - Court Administrator/Paralegal

 Betty Carrier - Court Reporter

Jody Chamberlain - Bailiff

Allen Parish Clerk of Court (337) 639-4351

Allen Parish District Attorney (337) 639-2641

Allen Parish Sheriff's Department (337) 639-4353

The Louisiana State Bar Association, through the Access to Justice Initiative, has designed a website for use by Self-Represented Litigants in the 33rd Judicial District Court.  Information and forms are available for access at no cost. 


The Court does not provide legal advice.  For assistance in completing the forms, or for additional legal information, you may contact any of the following agencies:

Louisiana Civil Justice Center Helpline 800-310-7029                                                                                      Acadiana Legal Services 877-256-0636

www.LouisianaLawHelp.org                                                                                                                                   www.la-law.org

For additional information, you may access the following websites:

The Louisiana Supreme Court

Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal

For more information on domestic violence protection, you may contact the Allen Parish Sheriff's Department, the Allen Parish District Attorney or link to this website for information on the Louisiana Protective Order Registry:

Louisiana Protective Order Registry